Land Clearing Contracting Services Near Saint Peters, PA

T.A. Industries land clearing contractor with Tractor and Skid Steerer in Saint Peters, PA

Our clients trust us as their terrain and land clearing experts in the Saint Peters, PA area. To clear land efficiently, T.A. Industries implements the use of large industrial machinery in an effort to reduce project costs and timelines. Land clearing often involves removal of underbrush, trees (small to very large), rocks (gravel), dirt, or invasive species (spotted lanternfly, etc). On-site land clearing is a common first step to accomplishing larger land development project goals. At T.A. Industries we offer an extensive list of land clearing services. Our services include but are not limited to brush hogging densely wooded large areas, land clearing for commercial projects, enable access to egress and entryways in hard to access areas, emergency storm clean up, logging and felling tasks, and water drainage management. We also offer terrain management services such as land grading, to restructure naturally occurring peaks, valleys, grades and elevations.

Our team provides expert solutions to all land clearing related services. We can effectively increase accessible land by clearing overgrown or densely wooded areas. We enable our clients to create opportunities for future structural development. Our team can reduce the unpleasantries associated with areas suffering from poor water drainage. Poor water drainage can cause damage to foundations and sidewalks, result in poor soil health (resulting in unhealthy or dead grass, flowers, plants, and trees), introduce pests (such as mosquitoes), allow water into basements, and create soil erosion.

Risk mitigation is key to a successful land clearing project. Project success depends on our ability to properly identify and assess on-site utilities. This includes but is not limited to underground gas lines, water lines, and electrical lines. Our team will take all the required and necessary steps to correctly identify future utility placement and plan our land clearing tasks with these locations in mind.

Our process begins by accurately assessing on-site utilities and any potential safety hazards. We educate our team to be safety experts with all potential land clearing hazards. A subset of hazards may include: unsafe vegetation (unsupported tree limbs, etc), large variances in terrain which could cause injury (loose vs compact, coarseness, embedded rocks, etc), and wildlife considerations (widow makers).

After creating a mitigation plan for on-site utilities and potential hazards we proceed to project size scoping and task execution. Our typical order of operations includes processing areas of brush and small trees, managing large trees, and finishes with optional organic material removal. We have cleared innumerable acres of underbrush, and our experience has led us to prefer leveraging forestry mulchers for most underbrush related tasks. Our equipment allows us to effortlessly convert brush and trees less than half a foot in diameter into biodegradable mulch. This conversion process happens within seconds and the resulting mulch byproduct will eventually decompose naturally into the surrounding soil. After effectively managing brush overgrowth we typically proceed to removal of larger trees.

The overall size and exact location of each large tree will determine how our team will plan to remove it. Relatively smaller trees will be removed with the assistance of an excavator. For safety and consideration of surrounding structures, larger trees will be cut down and placed within a predetermined landing area. This is a process commonly referred to as felling. Our team will then manage all large on-site lumber. We will divide lumber into more manageable pieces and have them hauled off-site. After the brush and all trees are removed we then continue to process the area by managing any remaining large tree stumps.

Our professional machinery has the ability to turn large stumps into mulch at or just below ground level. Thanks to the design of our machinery, there are no stumps that are too large in diameter to be handled. After grinding the stump, the remaining mulch may be spread throughout the surrounding area or covered with top soil. We also have the ability to level the entire area to a client defined grade.

Our team thoroughly evaluates each project size so we are always prepared with the best tools and equipment for the job. A common byproduct of performing land clearing services is biodegradable mulch. We are more than happy to assist our clients in repurposing or relocating this material to another on-site location, or we offer our services to permanently remove this material to an off-site location.

There are a few great land clearing companies in Pennsylvania, but if you are looking for 'the best land clearing company near me' then give us a call.

Commercial And Residential Land Clearing Services Near Saint Peters, PA Include But Not Limited To:

  • Brush Hogging

    • Light and Densely Wooded, Small and Very Large Areas

  • Commercial

    • Structures, Buildings and Projects

  • Driveways

    • Egress and Entryways

      • Dense Wooded Areas Included

    • Embankments

      • Commercial, Residential, Roadside

    • Emergency Storm Clean Up

      • Extended Business Hours Available For Emergencies

    • Logging and Felling

      • Multi-Acre Projects

        • New Construction Sites

          • Parking Lots

            • Preparing and Leveling

          • Pond Dredging

            • Residential

              • Right of Way Clearing and Maintenance

                • Specialized Removal

                  • Bamboo, Debris

                • Vegetation Management

                  • Water Drainage Management

                    • Mitigate Damage in Foundation and Sidewalks, Reduce Soil Erosion,

                    • Prevent Water in Basements, Eliminate Standing Water,

                    • Improve Tree, Grass and Plant Health, Reduce Pests Like Mosquitos

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                  Saint Peters is a community located in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The village is a historic 19th century industrial 'company village' at the Falls of French Creek in Warwick Township. The village is located in the Hopewell Big Woods. The town is located in a narrow ravine along French Creek. The Falls of French Creek have formed where French Creek cuts across a series of diabase (trap rock) dikes. Erosion of the diabase dikes by the creek has caused huge boulders to fall into the stream, almost filling the creek bed at points. The igneous intrusion that produced these diabase dikes also replaced limestone or marble in the surrounding rock with iron ores.The presence of iron ore led to the establishment of the French Creek iron mines in 1845. In 1880, quarrying of the diabase, known locally as "black granite", began, and the "Excursion House" hotel opened, distinguishing the community as both an industrial village and recreational weekend retreat. The bulk of the residence and businesses were built following the hotel's opening. Spurs of the Reading Company and Delaware River and Lancaster railroad lines once ran through the village servicing the local mining, forging and quarrying operations. By the early 1970s industrial operations had ceased and the village was developed by its owners as a local tourist destination. Owned until 1978 by the Knauer family, it subsequently changed hands several times and portions of it are now privately owned. Historical preservation efforts, however, have led to the appearance of the village today that is almost entirely of its historic period. Local ordinances prevent exterior alterations to historic structures and limit new construction in designated areas in and around the village. The main street, St. Peter's Road, is lined with private residences, a hotel and restaurant, and number of small specialty shops. The boulder-strewn French Creek running directly adjacent is one of the area's most popular attractions. Saint Peters Village was entered onto the National Register of Historic Places in 2003.

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